Watch young people talk about bullying behaviour and what's important to them.

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'Friends', Whanganui High School

With good friends, there is hope. Stand up and change the negative vibes which allow bullying to exist so prominently in New Zealand schools.

Made with the Whanganui High School Student Council. Winner of the Bullying-Free NZ Competition 2017, Senior Short Film.

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'Bully Buster' Avalon Intermediate School

A musical take on bullying from Avalon Intermediate music students with teacher Mr Schaller. Winner of Bullying-Free NZ Competition 2017, Short Film, Junior/intermediate.

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Bully Buster: Avalon Intermediate School

Song lyrics, Bully Buster short film, Avalon Intermediate School. Winner: Bullying-Free NZ Week Awards 2017

Nathan Goldsmith, St Leonard's School

A simple and powerful animation from Nathan Goldsmith, Year St Leonard's School, that shows the long term impact of bullying behaviour.

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Room 7, Welbourn School

Students from Room 7, Welbourn School with some  clear messages and positive solutions for young students.

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See Me, Hear Me

Young people with disabilities talk about how bullying has affected their lives.

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A series of 'how to' videos from Te Poi School students  on resolving conflicts and looking after each other.

Winners in Bullying-Free NZ Competition 2016.

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Te Poi School

The influence of whanau

Watch Dannevirke students talk about the influence of whānau.

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Supporting younger students

Danniverke senior students talk about supporting young students.

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Bullying-Free video resources

Watch videos on the Bullying-Free NZ vimeo channel

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Police NZ bullying-free videos

Watch Bullying-Free NZ videos on the NZ Police YouTube channel